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We will teach you fast, simple and elegant touch-typing in many languages. — Шахиджанян В.В.

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Your ten fingers will easily find the proper keys and eyes won't look at the keyboard. — Шахиджанян В.В.

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Ten-finger touch typing is the most useful computer related skill for a modern person. — Шахиджанян В.В.

You will be able to concentrate on what you are typing, not how you do that. This will ease you brainwork.

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Учимся говорить публично

Как научиться говорить так, чтобы тебя слушали и понимали?
Как произносить речь эмоционально, убедительно и доходчиво?
Как избавиться от слов-паразитов?
Как улучшить свою дикцию?
Как побеждать в споре?
Как вести переговоры?
Пройдя 100 заданий курса "Учимся говорить публично", вы этому научитесь.

  • Занимается более 16 000 человек
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Russian course

Basic "SOLO: Touch Typing Tutor" teaches ten-finger typing (touch typing) technique in Russian for any level of proficiency (from beginners to those fast typers who make errors and look at the keyboard).

  • 1 191 Completed
  • 33 874 Typing
  • 40 hours Duration

English course

The course teaches ten-finger touch typing in English. Explanations are available either in Russian or in English (optional). The language level doesn't matter. Even masters of English can get new knowledge during the course.

  • 374 Completed
  • 5 470 Typing
  • 40 hours Duration

Numpad course

In three hours you can learn numerals typing without looking at the keyboard. The overall time spent is not significant while the benefit is vast. Especially for those who spend a lot of time working with numbers. The course can be taken in Russian or in English.

  • 375 Completed
  • 2 279 Typing
  • 3 hours Duration

Ukrainian course

It considerably repeats the Russian course but the layout and all the words and phrases are in Ukrainian. If it is your native language, then it is worth learning it right here.

  • 29 Completed
  • 1 369 Typing
  • 40 hours Duration

German course

Ten-finger touch typing course in German. Both typing and explanatory material are entirely in German. Texts contain letter ß.

  • 22 Completed
  • 270 Typing
  • 40 hours Duration

French course

Ten-finger touch typing course in French. Explanations are available either in Russian or in French (optional). The course helps to deepen your knowledge of French and improve your vocabulary.

  • 15 Completed
  • 139 Typing
  • 40 hours Duration

Italian course

Ten-finger typing technique in Italian. Both typing and comments are in Italian.

  • 11 Completed
  • 69 Typing
  • 40 hours Duration

Spanish course

Ten-finger typing (touch typing) course in Spanish. Explanatory material is in Spanish. Mastering the course, you can broaden the knowledge of Spanish and extend your vocabulary.

  • 10 Completed
  • 66 Typing
  • 40 hours Duration

British English course

The course teaches ten-finger touch typing in British English. The course is designed for British (UK) keyboard layout. The language level doesn't matter. Even masters of English can get new knowledge during the course.

  • 21 Completed
  • 205 Typing
  • 40 hours Duration

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